Antiques Stores are Gold Mines

by Macy

For the last fifteen years, I used the same furniture in my bedroom. We changed three different houses and I simply gave it a new polish every time we moved. However, this time when we moved to a bigger house in a neighborhood, I put my foot down and asked my husband to change our bedroom furniture. He agreed and we both started to look around.

I have never been a great fan of modern, chic furniture and have always loved old, seasoned and artistic things. I wanted to get some really nice antique pieces of furniture and thought the wise thing to do was get an idea from different outlets before making a final decision.

I really wanted to get a kyodai which is a Japanese mirrored dressing stand. It is basically a small table with tiny drawers in it and in olden times no Japanese woman was found without one in her home. Later on, the height of the mirror was increased so one did not have to put it on a table, but could actually kneel in front of it when getting ready.

Another must-have item on my list was a Morris chair as it is ideal for relaxing and watching T.V. or reading a book. I love its high back and it's easy to see why it is now known as the first ?lazy boy?.

The last thing on my list was a Normandy bed. I have always loved them and saw some beautiful ones in England when I went for vacations. They give such a royal and grand look to the room.

After about three weeks of looking around, we were finally ready to buy. We had selected some fine pieces from two different shops - small corner antique shops in a nearby town. I got really good deals and brought my furniture home. The bed was complete with two night stands and I bought two lovely night lamps to match with it.

The final touch was an oriental rug that I bought from a Pakistani carpet shop. It was hand woven and had an amazing color combination of burgundy, olive green and beige. It went perfectly with my new setting.

When my son, who is in college, visited home over the weekend, he was impressed by the new bedroom. I also got raving reviews from my friends and family.

The entire remodeling took about a month but, it was well worth it. I love looking at antiques. The next time I am in your area, I will check out Fiddlehead Antiques.

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