International Travel Tips: Packing for Travel and More...

When preparing for travel to Europe I can become overwhelmed with the arrangements...

packing for travel, flight arrangements, passports, travel insurance options and more.

Over time I will add resources to this page to make your travel planning simpler and less stressful ...

and of course once you book a Walking Tour of the West Coast of Ireland with us, Fiddlehead Tours, you'll be well on your way to Ireland.

Instead of spending days checking out numerous travel locations, and accommodations on the Internet, all the research will be done for you and you can begin dreaming about visiting some of the most scenic places and staying in some of the most fabulous places in Ireland!

You will most likely plan to capture your walking adventure with lots of photos of the magnificent coast... so take a moment to gain some professional insights from Dianne White

on how to compose, create and edit photos to create the best memories of your vacation. Packing for travel with Mori Luggage: Find travel accessories, laptop backpacks, computer bags, Samsonite luggage, laptop bags, luggage tags, student luggage
If you are seeking the perfect honeymoon destination,

Walking the West Coast of Ireland

may be a wonderful option for you. Once you arrive at Shannon Airport all the details of travel, luxury accommodations, delicious food, and activity will be arranged for you.

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